Les Beaux Chênes

Good news in difficult times!

Our first foal has been born to one of our only Baudet de Poitous in La Drome.

Bamako sadly lost her twins at full term 18 months ago, we are particularly pleased with our new arrival and Bamako’s first.

It was very nearly a different outcome as the foal was unable to feed by herself when she was born. We had to force feed her with a syringe and try to teach her how to feed. Just when we thought she would not survive, after 17 hours, she just got up and stated to feed by herself!

She is now a very happy, healthy baby, with so much positive energy!

Because of her incredible start and thanks to amazing help from our neighbours, we have called her Kismet de Barret.

Normally income from our Gites pays for the upkeep of our donkeys but this year, with the Coronavirus, things are very difficult.

For this reason, we have launched an Appeal to help to support our donkeys.

Find out more here  http://www.lesbeauxchenes.com/en/donkeys/

You can follow them on Facebook or Instagram on ladrome donkeys

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